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The Essential GrandparentTM
Book Series

A Guide To Making A Difference
The Essential Grandparent: A Guide to Making a Difference
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ISBN 1-55874-397-9
Health Communications, Inc.
Web site address: hcibooks.com
- by Dr. Lillian Carson

****Parent's Choice Silver Honor

The Essential GrandparentTM is a reader-friendly guide, free of psychological jargon and filled with tips and Do's and Don'ts. It is peppered with quotes, anecdotal material and step-by-step exercises for skill development. As a reference book for choosing the best gifts, activities to bridge geographical distance and relationship building it will be used again and again.

Topics Include:


  • "Grandparents have all of the fun and none of the work."
  • "Grandfathers can't take care of the children as well as grandmothers."
  • "I though grandparenting was supposed to come naturally."

  • Changed relationships with adult children who are now struggling with their own parental identity
  • Long distance grandparenting
  • How to say "NO" to baby-sitting requests, guilt free
  • How to offer advice without "meddling."

  • Unconditional love and acceptance
  • Modeling a good life
  • Providing family continuity
  • Providing stability and security

Praise for The Essential GrandparentTM:

"Thoughtful, insightful, inspirational--Dr. Carson has given us all a great gift. Give it to your parent. Give it to your children, and keep one copy yourself. Loving help has arrived."

-Gary David Goldberg, Creator and Producer, Family Ties, Brooklyn Bridge and Spin City

"As more of us live longer and as more older people expect and prepare to be active participants in their families and communities, The Essential GrandparentTM comes on the scene at the right time and in the right way. Historically, The Essential Grandparent also fulfills the needs of the increasing number of children growing up in single-parent households. The convergence of longer active-adult lives and the fragmentation of immediate-family experiences for children makes it clear that Dr. Lillian Carson's well-written, eminently readable book is essential reading for those who are will be the grandparents to our children. It advances our capacity as a society to provide children with better continuities and more promising priorities."

-Albert Solnit, M.D., Yale child Study Center Sterling Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Yale University Senior Research Scientist and Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services. State of Connecticut

"The Essential GrandparentTM should be essential reading for grandparents and parents, too; both will gain from Dr. Carson's useful advice and wise insights. But the real beneficiaries are children, who will grow richer from a close and loving bond with their grandmas and papas."

-Pamela Abrams, Editor-in-chief, Child Magazine

Making a Difference in the Family
The Essential Grandparent's Guide to Divorce
Order Through Amazon
ISBN 1-55874-689-7
Health Communications, Inc.
Web site address: hcibooks.com
- by Dr. Lillian Carson

***** Finalist for Book of the Year ForeWord Magazine

"Every grandparent wants their grandchildren to experience nothing but joy in their lives. Knowing that these young lives are being disrupted in a way so far beyond their control can bring grandparents pain and worry - even despair."

-Dr. Lillian Carson

Today's 50% divorce rate means that few parents escape the heartbreak of their adult children's divorce. These parents must negotiate through a maze of complicated and delicate situations without the benefit of role models. What will my children do? Where will they live? How will they manage? What will I do? And most important, what about my grandchildren? Will I loose access to the grandchildren?

In The Essential Grandparent'sTM Guide To Divorce (Health Communications, Inc., $10.95) author Dr. Lillian Carson offers practical, down-to-earth advice, with tips, written exercises and resources that give strength and insight to grandparents challenged by the divorce of their children or their own divorce.

First, grandparents are guided to sort through their own confusion, sadness, anger and fear. Then readers will learn how they can make an invaluable contribution to their children's and grandchildren's well being. At a time when all are losing their heads and blaming it on each other, grandparents can help to maintain family relationships, offer stability, listen to the children and even offer respite from the turmoil by having some fun.

The Essential Grandparent'sTM Guide To Divorce provides guidance for such situations as coping with the in-laws, fighting for your right of access to the grandchildren, the new blended and extended family and what to do when grandparents divorce.

With The Essential Grandparent'sTM Guide To Divorce compassionate and wise help has arrived for all who share the pain of divorce.

Praise for The Essential Grandparent's Guide to DivorceTM:

"Lillian Carson's latest book fills a crucial vacuum. Grandparents share the pain of divorce, but they are there to help children survive it. Thank goodness that, in Dr. Carson, they have such a compassionate, sensitive and sensible guide."

-John Lithgow, Emmy Award winning actor, Third Rock From The Sun

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